Guru Dhanna Bhagat Ji


Bhagat Dhanna was a devote and Gurmukh, born in village of Dhuan Kalan in 1415, on April 20th near Deoli city, in the Tonk district, Rajasthan, present day North West India. Three Shabads of Bhagat ji's Bani are included in the Sri Guru Granth Sahib on pages (Ang) 487, 488 and 695.
Though born in a Jatt Hindu family of Dhaliwal Clan, he rejected all Hindu traditions and rituals, when he came in contact with Gurmukhs, he found God from his heart. He choose to control his desires and to have the only one desire for God. He was a farmer by profession. The 5th Nanak said Dhanna served the Lord, with the innocence of a child. He followed command of the Lord after realising the true way of the Lord.
Sikhs admire and follow the teachings of Dhanna, as in Gurmat, Kabir, Nanak, Ravidas, Bhatts all are same and all are treated as Gurus - "spiritual guides". Sikhsbow before Guru Granth Sahib which include the teaching of many who had the same thoughts and views about Waheguru. The creator himself spoke through his Bhagat's, revealing the holy Shabad.


Bhagat ji was born in his house of Bhai Panna from Mai Reva in village Dhuan Kalan Tonk District of Rajasthan in April 1415. He was the only son in his family.
He was born into a farmer family (Jatt) and he was not educated in any school or college. In the beginning he was an idol worshipper; but after that he became a "Param Sant" (pure saint). He earned his livelihood by farming (kheti). From his early childhood, he was a very simple, hard-working and straightforward person. He enjoyed the company of saints and scholars.
He also spent time serving the needy and holy men with dedication and devotion. When he grew up, after he stopped worshipping idols, he went to Khasi and he got the initiation from Swami Ramananda. He was an illiterate; but in the end he achieved high status and became a Perfect Saint.
There is a Gurdwara of Saint Dhanna Bhagat in village Dhuan Kalan where he was born, in 1415, Medieval India.