Students Council


At Dhanna Bhagat Public School, Kurukshetra, the Students Council operates through a robust House system that embodies leadership, academic excellence, and holistic development. The Council, headed by a Head Boy and a Head Girl, undergoes a selection process based on interviews and academic achievements, ensuring capable individuals lead the student body.
Comprising four distinct houses—Integrity, Royal, Surya, and Moon—the Council's leadership includes captains and vice-captains, supported by five volunteers per house, contributing to organizational roles and fostering a sense of camaraderie among peers.
In addition to the House system, the school also appoints Education Officers, toppers of each class, serving as academic mentors and leaders. Their responsibility extends to assisting fellow students in academic pursuits and extracurricular activities, promoting a collaborative and supportive learning environment.
All positions within the Student Body Council and as Education Officers are granted after comprehensive interviews and discussions, and their tenure spans one school session. These roles not only recognize academic prowess but also emphasize the importance of leadership, mentorship, and service among the student community, fostering a well-rounded and empowered student body.